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Our Client Testimonials

"Not only do they work terrifically as a hands free marketing tool, they are absolutely gorgeous to look at! My office looks liek an art gallery for teeth and all of my patients comment on the pictures."
- Dr. J. Shullman, Los Angeles, CA

"I cannot tell you how powerful your pictures are. If I was to tell the dentists one thing about your pictures I would say this; buy the pictures now before Joe figures out their true values and raises the price to be comparable to their value."
- Dr. Douglas Cast, Author of “Marketing Techniques to Prosper in Dentistry’s last Great Golden Years’, Murrietta, CA

"Joe Brinkman dental art has helped our dentist clients sell thousands of dollars of cosmetic dentistry. The quality of the pictures and frames enhance even the richest of dental decor."
- Sally McKenzie, President, McKenzie Management, Inc.

"The high quality artwork by Joe Brinkman motivates patients to initiate cosmetic questions. This has allowed us to do a more comprehensive examination and diagnose and deliver needed dentistry."
- Bruce Small, DMD, FAGD, FICD

"I didn't want to change my office decor at first but Joe Brinkman dental art has improved our image. It makes sense. After all, I'm not in the business of selling boats, cars, animals or scenery which is what I used to have on my walls."
- Dr. Ken Goldberg

"Patients are certainly more receptive to my suggestions for cosmentic dentistry since these pictures have been in my office. My investment in the art quickly paid for itself and has significantly improved my bottom line."
- Dr. David Bluestein

"I've always wanted to enlarge some of the before and after pictures of the dental work I've done and display them in my office; but I've never gotten around to it."
- Dr. Wm Shorak

"My patients have an easier decision investing i their mouths when they've seen these pictures."
- Dr. Craig Ashton

"It's the first time I've had art in my office that has anything to do with dentistry and it certainly helps patients visualize the possibilities."
- Dr. Carmen Aulino

"I made money from these pictures from the Get-Go!"
- Dr. Linsey Jenkins

"These pictures are out and out, "Good For Business!"
- Jacques Sherman, CDT


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