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Online Payment Processing

Accelerate Your Business By Accepting Card Payments Online

Brinkman Dental Marketing delivers the payment options that you desire and expect, in all of the locations where you conduct business. Offer your customers a choice of paying by debit, credit, or electronic check all online!
Imagine the reduction in mail and internal processing of receiving payments manually. We have customers that have acheived a 25% reduction in manual payment processing once implementing an online payment system such as ours.
If you have an existing web site we have a "framable" online payment page you can add to start receiving payments immediately via your web site. Don't have a web site, we offer a solution that includes a Landing page branded for your business with the option to make an online payment built right in! There is no reason to not be accepting payments online, it reduces cost and is a convenience for your clientele.




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It's time to bring your business into the Internet Age. Save time, Save money. The best part is by reducing the amount of manual processing your administrative staff can spend more time with your customers!
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