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About Brinkman Dental Marketing

Joe Brinkman was in the dental laboratory business for 30 years. He owned and operated Brinkman dental Lab, Inc. where he supervised fifteen employees and the manufacturing of over 125,000 crowns and cosmetic veneers. With offices in St. Paul, Minnesota and Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, Joe was considered a perfectionist in artistic craftsmanship and one of the best ceramist’ in the country. Over the years Joe consulted with an increasing number of patients desiring cosmetic changes. They would bring with them pictures of movie stars and models as examples of how they wanted their teeth to look. "How do you explain what you want to a dentist unless you have a visual reference?"

In 1990, "Joe Brinkman Dental Art" was launched, providing an artistic display of natural looking teeth to guide the patient in the purchase of cosmetic services. Brinkman Dental Art offers a unique and effective sales tool to the dental profession.

Joe Brinkman passed away in 2005 and although his contagious smile will be missed, his dental art will live on. As new owners, we would like to assure you that what Joe started in the early '90's will continue and expand.

Now known as Brinkman Dental Marketing, we will continue to offer the Brinkman Dental Art Collection along with several other tools to help in marketing your dental practice.

Some of our expanded services include:

Dental & Fine Art Collections -
We offer the full line of Joe Brinkman’s Dental Arts Collection that includes artwork, appointment cards and stickers for your office or examination rooms creating that professional appearance and communicating the services you provide. In addition to our dental art line, we offer a comprehensive line of 200,000+ art prints that you can quickly build your own wall décor with our interactive picture framing tool.  More on Dental Art / More on Fine Wall Art
Marketing Services -
We offer custom and templated website solutions, brand identity consulting, branded electronic marketing tools (e-Marketing tools) and print solutions, plus a vast library of prewritten content and interactive calendar tools that you can provide your clients. Brinkman Dental Marketing is committed to providing your practice proven technologies and marketing “know-how” to increase your customer base and effectively promote additional services to your client’s as well.
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Web Solutions -
We offer 2 levels of websites for you to choose from; the standard is our Professional, and our Custom solution is exactly as it is named, we will build you a website to your specifications, and your own, look and feel. Read More...

We also offer online merchant solutions, email hosting, web photo galleries, and so much more.

For more information about Brinkman Dental Marketing or any of our products or services contact us by email or call us at 612-366-5842.


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